Zachary, Louisiana



Parish:           East Baton Rouge

Location:        14 miles north of Baton Rouge

                        79 miles northwest of New Orleans

Latitude:        30.648 North

Longitude:     -91.156 West

Elevation:      Between 102 and116 feet above sea level

Land area:     23.7 square miles

Water area:    0.04 square miles


Zachary Climate

On average, there are 218 sunny days per year in Zachary and there are 98 days per year with measurable precipitation. The average rainfall is 64 inches per year. Average snowfall is 0 inches. The July average temperature is 91 degrees while the January low averages at 41 degrees.



Population (2016 est):   16,219

Population (2000):         11,275

% change:                          4.4%


Zachary Living

Median home cost:                 $234,900

Average household income:   $  73,365

Average Home Sales Price (2015):  $242,280


Business patterns

(Includes 70791 zip code*)


Number of businesses:                            1,414

% of population in civilian labor force:  67%

Average annual pay:                              $63,676

Unemployment rate:                               4.10 %


* Source: U.S. Census Bureau


Population by occupation:

Management, business and financial operations           9.76 percent

Professional and related occupations                          18.36 percent

Service                                                                         14.01 percent

Sales and office                                                           27.61 percent

Farming, fishing and forestry                                          .60 percent

Construction, extraction and maintenance                  12.81 percent

Production, transportation and material moving        16.85 percent



The average one-way work commute in Zachary is 28 minutes.


Future job growth over next 10 years predicted to be 14.90 percent


Zachary’s cost of living is 5.62 percent lower than the U.S. average.

What Distinguishes Zachary from other Cities in the Region?

Income higher, poverty lower

Housing values higher

90% in public schools

12.5% employed in manufacturing
Larger households
More households with children
Only 10% single-parent households

More new housing stock




·       2007 data from Sperling’s BestPlaces.Net and the US Census Bureau



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